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SMUG-leading the way into ultrasound imaging

July 20, 2018

SMUG-leading the way into ultrasound imaging

A new generation machines has arrived which will significantly raise the image quality and change the way we use ultrasound.  At SMUG we are at the forefront of MSK ultrasound imaging and we will test drive one of these exiting machines, the GE E10 for its use in MSK.
A separate blog will be dedicated to the test results.

New standard in ultrasound imaging - a leap forward in image quality

Over the past decades, developments in technology and data processing has improved ultrasound imaging quality significantly.  However, we are now experiencing a huge shift in the way ultrasound imaging is formed and a big leap forwards in image quality.  Make no mistake, this is not just a little change.  We are now all using machines with old technology.

Computational retrospective beamforming, also known as virtual beamforming:
The traditional way: One pulse sent and received then processed.
The new way: One pulse sent, received, sent again, received and then processed.


  1. Much clearer picture, better spatial resolution, frame rate, contrast, fewer artifacts.
  2. No loss of quality in deep tissues – forget focus zones or frequency adjustments
  3. Improved Doppler.
  4. Fantastic shearwave elastography.
  5. Development of new probes to optimise the use of the technology.


This unprecedented level of image quality will provide the tool to drive research, providing new insights in anatomy, trauma and treatments.  New applications in the always expanding field of ultrasound imaging will emerge.

The first machines are already available:  The Supersonic machines have been optimised to provide fantastic shearwave elastography.  Phillips is using it in their top models and GE Logic E10 applies the technology over the full range of applications.

See this AIUM webinar for a clear overview:  https://youtu.be/7NLfciKD1pc


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