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Leading UK MSK Ultrasound School - SMUG

Raising the standards of MSK Ultrasound Education

SMUG is the leading MSK Ultrasound School in the UK. Our Ultrasound courses have been raising the standard in MSK Ultrasound education for over 10 years.

From MSK sonography beginners, through to advanced levels and ultrasound guided injections, we are committed to providing accessible MSK Ultrasound courses with the highest quality of teaching. SMUG is the Ultrasound School delivering clinical excellence for all levels in a friendly, positive and supportive learning environment.

Over the past 10 years we have taught over 1000 practitioners, from 10 different disciplines and 20 different countries.

Our MSK Ultrasound courses are a unique multi-disciplinary experience. We bring together a variety of clinicians including MSK radiologists, sports doctors, orthopaedic surgeons’ physiotherapists, sonographers, osteopaths, podiatrists and GPs.

We are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to learning MSK Ultrasound. We are the only provider of a competency-based mentorship programme in MSK Ultrasound that includes a dedicated clinical supervisor.

We are also the only MSK Ultrasound School that delivers a 2-day Cadaveric Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Guided Injection course.

We have also teamed up with the shoulder doc, Mr. Len Funk to provide a unique 2-day Upper Limb Ultrasound course, including one-day dedicated to learning Ultrasound guided upper limb injections in a Cadaveric Laboratory.

Why choose SMUG as your MSK Ultrasound School?

  • Intensive, highly practical (hands-on) and well organised courses
  • Excellent tutor to delegate ratio (One tutor to 4-6 delegates)
  • High machine to tutor delegate (One machine to 3 delegates)
  • Over 10 years experience of running dedicated SMUG MSK Ultrasound courses to all levels
  • Courses approved by the leading associations and faculties of MSK Ultrasound medicine in the UK and Europe
  • Internationally recognised course tutors dedicated to developing your skills and raising the standards of MSK Ultrasound teaching
  • Exclusive assess to our online forums and on-line learning platform to maximize your learning experience before, during and after the course
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