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Virtual MSK US Events



Bringing together the best in MSK US.
Learn from some of the best in MSK ultrasound, get top tips to improve your scanning, diagnosis and guided interventions. Each special event provides 4 hours of high-quality CPD for all MSK clinicians. Presentations, live US demonstrations, Q&A. Hosted by SMUG Heads of Faculty Robert Laus & Chris Myers, in association with GE Healthcare.

Virtual MSK US event 2023



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MSK US in Rheumatology
Dr. Richard Wakefield
General RA and early detection, enthesitis, SpA, dactylitis, OA mimicking RA, gout, and CPPD. The challenges, the clinical pitfalls and many great tips, with strong clinical correlation.

T-junction and V-junction muscle injuries – diagnosis and management
Dr. Noel Pollock
Challenging injuries, the biceps femoris and medial gastrocnemius complex injuries. You will get the latest clinical tips on diagnosis and management. What works, RTP issues, interventions and what to avoid.

Pediatric MSK US
Dr. Johannes Roth
Children and adolescence should not be treated as if they are adults. Johannes will share his knowledge of paediatric-specific aspects of MSK sono-anatomy, the paediatric enthesis including apophysitis and rheumatologic conditions in paediatrics.

Lumps and Bumps in MSK US
Prof Jon A Jacobson
Learn how to recognise the various US characteristics and limitations of US. Which pathways for onward referral?
A clear overview with strong clinical correlation.



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US of the wrist joint: Underused and underrated!
Stephen Bird
If you do not feel ultrasound is useful in the diagnosis of wrist pain, then this is a MUST watch presentation from one of the pioneers of MSK US. It will change your outlook on the role of US in the diagnosis of wrist pathology and take your skills and knowledge to the next level.

Advancing care of the elite athlete with sports US: Challenging cases and new opportunities
Mederic Hall MD
If you find it challenging to translate image findings and clinical presentation into management decisions (don't we all!) then don't miss this. Mederic will give you new insights into the latest ultrasound interventions and management strategies. From sono-surgery for tendons, management decisions in thigh muscle injuries, peripheral nerve involvement in MSK injuries and beyond. Mederic is your man for advice on your challenging cases.

Ultrasound of the sole of the foot, taking away fears. A new approach
Dr Iñigo Iriarte
Presentation and practical demonstration will explore the use of ultrasound to recognise the most important structures of the sole of the foot. This region can be challenging, and maybe this is why it is often not given the time it deserves! US can provide the detailed information other imaging modalities cannot! Iñigo is a highly experienced clinician and co-author of THE new MSK Ultrasound reference book; Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal System: Anatomical exploration and pathology. He is also responsible for the exquisite anatomical illustrations. @MSKFreak

Fear the re-injury
Dr Carles Pedret
Joining us once more, the co-author of THE new MSK Ultrasound reference book; Ultrasound of the Musculoskeletal System: Anatomical exploration and pathology. Carles will discuss muscle and tendon reinjury in sports medicine and will share new insights to challenge your clinical decisions.



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The calf muscle injury classification: US imaging
Top 6 lower limb muscle-tendon injuries of the last 10 years
Carles Pedret
The injuries not to miss and how best to manage them.
Live scanning with the SMUG team – practical tips for scanning the calf complex.

Advanced ultrasound of the shoulder and ultrasound guided interventions
Jon Jacobson
Top tips, pearls and pitfalls featuring barbotage & lavage and tendon fenestration.
Live scanning with the SMUG team – practical tips for scanning the shoulder.

The ‘Ultimate Guide’ to ultrasound of the elbow - diagnosis & guided interventions
Daniel Walkley
Tips and pitfalls, including neural entrapments around the elbow and the role of neural hydrodisection.
Live scanning – practical tips for scanning the elbow.

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