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We are pleased to announce that SMUG has partnered with GE to give exclusive discounts on portable ultrasound machines for all SMUG delegates (past, present and future*).

September 21, 2018

At SMUG we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers to learning MSK ultrasound. This is one of the reasons SMUG is the leading provider of MSK and sports medicine Ultrasound education in the UK.

One such barrier is the cost of the machines. Generally speaking, the cheaper the machine the poorer the image quality of the machine.  Buying a cheap machine with poor image will simply not provide the information you require to make a confident diagnosis. In MSK ultrasound we are often scanning structures of 1-2 mm and so we need a machine with excellent spatial resolution.

GE are one of the leading providers of machines in the world. Their portable machines are known to be one of the best, if not the best on the market. These exclusive SMUG deals provide excellent value, in fact you will not get a better price anywhere else in the world!

GE have been providing machines for our SMUG courses for the last five years.  On the course, we use a variety of portable and cart-based machines. This allows us to have enough machines so all delegates on the course have ample time to practice under close supervision. We always have one machine to three delegates. The SMUG faculty have all scanned with these machines regularly and all agree they are a great option for any MSK and sports medicine clinician.

Many of the delegates that come on the SMUG courses, use portable machines, which they can easily transport from one clinic to another. We have teamed up with GE to give all SMUG delegates the best price on their V2 and their LOGIQ e (R7) portable machines.

Both machines are excellent portable options. The LOGIQ e (R7) is widely considered to be the best portable machine on the market (link) and is under £15,000 (exc VAT). It also has the full options package on it; the LOGIQ view, needle guidance and scan coach. You will not get these prices anywhere else and we are very pleased that we can offer these to our delegates.


The LOGIQ V2 machine (link) provides an excellent  option for under £10,000 (exc VAT). It also has the top package on it; the  LOGIQ view, needle guidance and scan coach).


Dr Lorenzo Masci, Sports Medicine Doctor
I have been using a Logic GE for many years at my MSK and sports medicine practice. It is an excellent machine and I am always pleased with the clear images I can produce. It is an excellent machine for anyone starting out, but at the same time you will not outgrow this machine very quickly. I carry out many ultrasound guided injections and find it better than some of the bigger, more expensive cart-based machine. The needle visualisation module can be very useful for deeper injections such as hip injections. I also like the Logic View which gives an ‘extended field of view’ which is particularly useful for the hamstring and quadriceps muscle. The machine I use has one probe and I find this is adequate even for hand and foot injections. I do not find it necessary to have a hockey stick probe.’

If you would like further information regarding these exclusive SMUG deals on GE portable machines, then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ultrasoundtraining.co.uk

(* - if you have not attended a SMUG course you can still benefit from this exclusive deal. If you purchase a GE machine, GE will send you on one of our 2 Day Introductory courses for FREE)


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