Supervised MSK Scanning Day

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Learn from our expert tutors and scan real patients in our ultrasound teaching clinic at the University College of Osteopathy.

It is a unique opportunity to:

  • Scan patients with pathology in a clinical setting
  • Gain supervised scans (for logbooks and portfolios) and/or as preparation for an exam
  • Enhance your scanning skills and evaluate clinical reasoning and treatment strategies

The day is designed for clinicians who:

  • Are looking to further develop their musculoskeletal ultrasound skills
  • Have completed our Mentorship Programme
  • Have already completed, or who are working towards a PG Certificate in MSK ultrasound

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Delegates will spend the day scanning patients who have been referred to the ultrasound teaching clinic. Our expert tutors will give top tips to improve probe skills and image quality. For each patient, delegates will be expected to provide an ultrasound report to the referring clinician.

At the end of the day you will receive feedback on your scanning ability, image quality, report writing and patient management. It also provides essential CPD (7 hours per day).

Pre-requisites: Must be performing regular diagnostic MSK ultrasound scans in your workplace (minimum 3 months).

Time Summary Details
08:45 - 9:00 Registration/Coffee and plan for the day NULL
09:00 - 13:00 Ultrasound Teaching Clinic (Patients will be every 30 minutes) Delegates will scan patients who have been referred to the Ultrasound Teaching Clinic under the close supervision of our expert tutors. Delegates will provide an ultrasound report for the referring clinician and will receive feedback and support from our tutors.
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch NULL
14:00 - 17:00 Ultrasound Teaching Clinic (Patients will be every 30 minutes) Delegates will scan patients who have been referred to the Ultrasound Teaching Clinic under the close supervision of our expert tutors. Delegates will provide an ultrasound report for the referring clinician and will receive feedback and support from our tutors.

Are SMUG courses endorsed by The College of Radiographers?

Endorsment for our Introduction to Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Imaging in Sports Medicine course is currently being processed.

How does the SMUG introduction course differ from other courses?

It is an intensive, highly practical, hands-on and highly interactive course with a high tutor participant ratio of at least 1:6. It is designed for sports medicine practitioners and provides a good grounding in tissue recognition and scanning skills as well as giving participants a clear idea of the skill level required and the time it takes to be competent and confident.

Do I get a qualification/certificate at the end of the Introduction course?

You will receive a certificate for the allocated CPD hours for the course, not a certificate of competence.

How do I continue to develop my skills after the Introduction course?

For MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound the only accredited pathways are via the Royal College of Radiologists and a PG Cert in MSK Sonography (such as at Canterbury University); it takes approximately 18 months and you have to do a clinic with a radiologist/sonographer once a week.

What are the prerequisites for the Mentorship Programme?

Participants to have attended an introduction to MSK ultrasound imaging course (not necessarily our course) and have good anatomical knowledge (especially cross-sectional) and access to an ultrasound scanner in their clinical setting.

I only want to know how to scan a particular area (shoulder, muscle, ankle). Is the introduction course for me?

Yes, any scanning requires the skill to optimise the image using the machine settings and the correct manual skill to assess the tissues of interest as well as the knowledge of how to avoid pitfalls.

I am already injecting and only want to know how to do it under guidance. Is the introduction course necessary?

Yes, to identify the correct target area you need the manual skill to visualise the needle and the procedure correctly as well as to follow up after injections.

My company is looking at purchasing a machine. Any suggestions or things to look for?

Many portable machines are very good quality. Look for multi-frequency probes (5-12 MHz or higher), sensitive Power and colour Doppler and most important of course good, clear images. GE, Siemens, SonoSite, Mindray to mention a few manufacturers. Ask the representative to demonstrate a model in your clinic and compare!

Will I be able to scan my patients after the introduction course?

The course gives you the practical skills, but it takes a lot more training to get familiar with the spectrum of normal anatomy appearance, trauma, pathology and clinical interpretation, before ultrasound can be combined with your clinical examination. Practise your skills on patients with their consent, do not use it immediately as a clinical skill.

What is your cancellation policy?

Less than 28 days notice = No refund
29 to 56 days notice = 50% refund
Over 57 days notice = Full refund, less an administrative charge of 4% of the course fee

What are the prerequisites for the Introduction course?

Participants should have good anatomical knowledge (especially cross-sectional) and clinical experience.

What are the prerequisites for the Advanced course?

Participants have ideally attended an introductory (Level 1) course, are expected to have regular access to an ultrasound scanner, are using ultrasound scanning as part of their daily practice, have completed at least 10 documented scans and are competent at identifying the normal appearance of most commonly assessed structures in MSK ultrasound.

Do SMUG run courses specific to emergency medicine to identify DVT etc?

No, our courses are purely sports medicine orientated and as such do not cover DVT screening or application in an A&E department.

Can I pay by instalments?

Yes. Please email Francesca at Please note that to guarantee your place, the final instalment must be received 28 days prior to the start of the course.

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Does your organisation or workplace need training?

If you require training we can come to you or you can come to us! There is a minimum fee of £1,000 per day (plus travel expenses). To enquire about your specific training needs please email or use the contact form.

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The ‘SMUG partnership’ programme looks to associate with individuals, groups of clinician’s, hospitals, organisations and clinics all over the world to deliver our courses and raise the standards in MSK ultrasound. We will send out members of our SMUG teaching faculty to deliver the course. We now have SMUG partners in many countries and run courses on an annual basis in their vicinity. We are always looking to develop new partnership links.

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