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Conference Review: by Robert Laus (SMUG co-head of Faculty)

20th November 2017

MUSOC October 2017 - Israel
SMUG team of Robert Laus, Chris Myers and Lorenzo Masci attended.

What is it:
The 27th edition of the annual conference where the leading MSK radiologists present an overview of the latest research and provide practical teaching sessions.

MUSOC: The Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society is the only radiological society dedicated to the application of ultrasound to the entire range of musculoskeletal imaging. It is committed to teaching the anatomy, techniques and interventions applicable to the musculoskeletal system using Ultrasound, while continually defining its role as a major modality in Musculoskeletal Imaging. Two of the Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Society's founding physicians wrote a textbook in the late 1980s, which was one of the first written on the subject. What followed was a plan to offer a course on the subject, and it grew from there.

Morning sessions of 20-minute presentations covering all joints and anatomical structures. The afternoon is dedicated to practical sessions, using top-of-the-range ultrasound machines.

The MUSOC founding members (1991) - Marnix van Holsbeeck, Bouffart, Kolowich, Peetrons and DiPietro. Guest speakers included: Jacobson, Cardinal, Doohi, O'Conner and Martinoli.

Over 200 Radiologists, rheumatologists, sports physicians, physiotherapists and sonographers from all over the world.

Summary of the conference (personal note):
This was my 4th attendance, the first was some 17 years ago, and I have previously been impressed with the professional organisation, and new and exciting presentations. On this occasion though, no new insights were offered.

Martinoli, Jacobson and van Holsbeeck stood out as speakers with an ongoing passion for the subject. The overall standard of presentations was good, but it was aimed at an introductory-level audience and no new research was presented. Martinoli was excellent in all presentations, providing exquisite anatomical detail, especially in nerve scanning. Meeting colleagues and speaking to the faculty was great, as was having a drink on the beach!

Take-home message:
Nothing new was presented to the SMUG team.
SMUG is clearly already on par with the latest developments in MSK ultrasound!

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