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SMUG Partnership Programme

The SMUG Partnership Programme looks to associate with individuals, groups of clinicians, hospitals, organisations and clinics all over the world to deliver our courses and raise the standards in MSK ultrasound. We will send out members of our SMUG teaching faculty to deliver the course. We now have SMUG partners in many countries and run courses on an annual basis in their vicinity. We are always looking to develop new partnership links.

Our SMUG Partners will need to:

  • provide a suitable venue to hold the programme and a projector or large screen
  • partner with a machine manufacturer to provide enough ultrasound machines (SMUG office can help this process)
  • arrange dates for the programme, travel schedule, lecturers’ hotel accomodation
  • handle all aspects of registration of participants in coordination with the SMUG office

A typical on-site programme includes 1 to 4 days of instruction by 1 to 4 tutors/supervisors. The programme is a mixture of didactic lectures to the whole assembly and smaller tutorial or practical sessions with smaller groups of participants.

If you would like to enquire about your specific training needs please email

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